Attention Aussie Men!
Get clean, fresh, awesome looking skin … in less than five minutes a day!
In the past, looking after their skin wasn’t something many men worried about.

That’s no longer the case – men are increasingly taking better care of themselves in lots of different ways including health, diet and, yes, grooming.

In particular, thousands of men are recognising the benefits of cleansing, moisturising and generally looking after their skin.

But for many it’s confusing, especially at first.

Questions like:

Which products should I use?

How much time should I spend on it, and how often?

There are a lot of claims being made – how much of it should I believe? (very little, but more on that in a minute!)

And many of us are still a bit too embarrassed to ask our mates if they moisturise, and if so which product they use.

That’s why I’m here to help.

My name is Tony Barrett, and for a long time I put up with sweat and oils building up on my face during the day, leaving me feeling greasy and my skin looking blotchy and blemished. And even though I was well past my teenage years, I was still getting a few pimples.

At first I tried washing my face with soap, but that dried my skin out, and if there’s one thing worse than greasy skin, its dry, flaky skin. From time to time I even had people ask me if I was peeling from a recent bout of sunburn!

So I looked around for a better solution.

I tried a heap of different products with fancy names, most of which made outrageous promises about anti-ageing or whatever, using 14-letter scientific sounding words that in reality mean nothing.

Basically, they were trying to baffle me with their bullshit.

But when I tried them, nothing really hit the mark.

In most cases my skin was no better than before, and/or they recommended that I follow some convoluted skin care routine that required washing and moisturising my face several times a day using five different products.

Who has the time or the patience for that?

Then I found Qaveman.
Suddenly everything changed.

My skin felt great and looked great (so my wife says!) …

… and I was spending less than 5 minutes a day on it!

Just two products – a face wash and a moisturiser – and a couple of minutes in the bathroom and that’s all I need. Brilliant!
I did some more research on Qaveman, and I found that it was founded by a Swiss guy who had a similar problem to mine, but was using his girlfriend’s moisturiser because he couldn’t find anything decent for men.

So he developed his own.

Qaveman’s products are premium skin care products, developed exclusively for men and tested extensively on all types of skin. They’re created and manufactured locally in Switzerland to ensure the highest standards of quality.

They also use natural ingredients, all of their products are vegan, gluten-free and paraben-free, and they do not test any of their products on animals.
I also discovered that as a brand, they don’t take themselves too seriously …
That was the clincher for me.

Taking the piss out of themselves, and the skin care industry as a whole – that sounds like something we’d do here in Australia!

Awesome skin care without the self-important bullshit – that’s exactly what I wanted, and I was pretty sure exactly what a lot of other Aussie men would appreciate too.

So today I’m excited to announce that Qaveman is finally available for sale directly here in Australia!

Aussie men, you can now get luxury European skin care without having to order and ship it all the way from Switzerland!

To celebrate the occasion, we’ve created:

A Man’s Skin Care Essential Kit by Qaveman

… which is all you need for clean, fresh, healthy looking skin every day!
Here’s what you get with A Man’s Skin Care Essential Kit …

Face Wash for Men by Qaveman

The best face wash for men on the market, specially formulated to cleanse, refresh and revitalise a man's skin!

Face Cream Sensitive for Men by Qaveman

The best moisturiser for men on the market, specially formulated to hydrate a man's skin and keep it looking good and feeling good all day!

The Best Quality Skin Care on the Market

I have tried just about everything, and trust me, this is as good as it gets!

A Quick, Easy Daily Routine

Seriously, just a couple of minutes a day is all it takes to get your skin clean and fresh, and then you can get on with the rest of your day without worrying about it!

Natural Ingredients

Qaveman products harness the nurturing qualities of nature. No parabens or other harmful chemicals, instead they use natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, meadowfoam oil, chamomile, sweet almond and ginseng root extract, so that you can feel the freshness of the Swiss Alps every time you use them!

European Luxury At Affordable Aussie Prices

To get a complete daily skin care routine of comparable quality can cost hundreds of dollars, especially for products developed and manufactured in Europe. You won't pay anything like that!

Access To Future Product Launches, Promotions & Discounts

This is just the start for Qaveman in Australia. They have other products that we'll be bringing into Australia shortly, not to mention some super exciting new products under development that will be available next year!

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out what Qaveman’s other customers are saying …
Now you could do what I did – spend weeks or months trying out a heap of different products, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to find the best skin care for men on the market …

… or you could just take advantage of all my research and jump straight to the best skin care products for men on the market today!

And as a special launch offer, for the next few days only, you can get the Essential Skin Care Kit by Qaveman for a SUPER LOW PRICE:
Normally $64
Today Just $32!
(that’s a massive 50% off the normal price!)
Yes, you read that correctly …

… you get a whole month’s supply of Qaveman’s Face Wash for Men and Qaveman’s Face Cream Sensitive for Men, for just over $1 per day!

Remember, we’re not talking about some tube of cheap, greasy sunscreen that you pick up from Coles or Priceline for $12. This is luxury European skin care, developed over several years to suit the unique needs of male skin, using natural ingredients … for less than $8 per week!

Two cups of coffee a week. That’s all.

Nowhere else will you find the opportunity to try premium European skin care for men at such an affordable price.

And to prove how confident I am that you’ll love Qaveman as much as I do, we’re offering a 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
If for any reason you’re not happy with your Qaveman purchase, just let us know in the next 30 days and we’ll happily refund your money.

So you really have nothing to lose by giving Qaveman a shot today!
Here’s what you need to do next …
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